Your Map is Lying to You: Power, Confidence, and Stuff You Can’t Afford

In a world dominated by discussions of an “East” and a “West”, TIM asks the question:  How do we move past the East/West division, and create new modes of identities for people all over the world?   Have we viewed the world through the lens of the “West” where everything starts and ends in the West?  Can the misrepresentation of the size of the “West” on a map be an indication if this?  In order to get past that, what do different populations of the “East” need to do?  Perhaps reproduce new ways that the “West” perceives them?  Should the find new ways of engaging with the “West?”


TIM Senior Editor Haroon Moghul discusses:

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    Haroon Moghul

    Haroon Moghul is a co-producer at Avenue M, a widely published writer and a popular public speaker.

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