Usaamah Rahim and Boston shooting. A mother’s in-depth interview

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On June 2nd Usaamah Rahim, a 26 year old Boston resident, was shot three times and killed after approached by five plainclothes police officers while waiting for his bus in Roslindale, MA.

The authorities allege that he had a military style knife, and that they were under orders to approach him on that day to prevent him from carrying out a possible terrorist act.

We sat with Rahimah Rahim, Usaamah’s mother, for an indepth interview.  In this interview she talks about her background, religious upbringing and for the first time details (minute 10:00 in the video) the account of what happened to her and her family in the minutes after learning about Usaamah’s shooting.

The interview brings to light a number of ongoing questions and urges for greater transparency around the reasons why he was monitored and why he was shot on that particular day.



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