U.S. House divides along party lines in fifth hearing on Islamic “radicalization”

Four witnesses – including former reporter Asra Nomani, Liberty and National Security Program co-Director Faiza Patel and physician and writer Qanta A.A. Ahmed – testified in a hearing by the House Committee on Homeland Security Committee about the threat to U.S. security by Islamic “radicalization.” The disputed hearings were first convened in March 2011 by Rep. Peter King, D-N.Y., who critics say is on a witch-hunt reminiscent of the McCarthy era. King said that “to deny that there’s any correlation between the Muslim faith and the biggest threat to this country today defies credulity.” Democrats countered that the hearing itself is counterproductive in the fight against terrorism and could be harmful to Muslims. Ahmed told lawmakers that “the distinction between Islam and Islamism has been lost in public discourse.” Nomani testified that Muslim Americans are reluctant to accept that selective readings of the Quran could help foster terrorism. Patel contended King’s link between Islam and terror, saying “You cannot look at ideology as a predictor of violence.”

NJ.com, Steve Strunsky, 6/20/2012
WashingtonPost.com, Chris Lisee, 6/20/2012

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