U.S. Election 2016 Perspective Series

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The following are articles published by The Islamic Monthly on a range of perspectives around the US Elections.


A Qualified, Critical Muslim Support for Hillary Clinton: By Omid Safi

A Qualified, Critical Muslim Support for Hillary Clinton

Diversity Saves us From the Temptation to Fascism: Trump at the Muslim Ban

Perspective: Trump and the Muslim Ban

Watching Hillary and Taking Pride: By Aisha J. Shah

Perspective: Watching Hillary and Taking Pride

The Trump Trap: By Atif Qarni

Perspective: The Trump Trap

Bernie Sanders Should Force A Fight At The Convention:  By Kevin James

US Election Perspective Series: Bernie Sanders Should Force a Fight at the Convention

Muslims Should Vote Republican: By: Edin Plevljakovic

US Election Perspective Series: Muslims Should Vote Republican






The Muslim Democrat and the Muslim Republican

Coverage During the Primaries:

Election 2016: The Muslim Democrat and The Muslim Republican


Live Online Debate:

TIM 24 Hour Debates – US Elections Debate #1




Daily Coverage During the DNC and RNC Conventions

A Muslim at the DNC

A Muslim at the RNC














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