“They’ve taken our food away to the desert

they’re feeding our food to the birds and fishes

They’ve swiped all the food from our tables and kitchens

all the most scrumptious and delectable dishes

The fatted calves pigeon pies mincemeat in sauces

compotes and appetizers crudités and jams

things done in nut butters things in puff pastry

aspics and tarjeens and sacrificed lambs

Oh what shall we do we’ll go hungry we’ll starve

without all those mainstays to our health and wellbeing!

The candies and bonbons quince pics and peach melbas

each scrap and morsel now hurriedly fleeing

We’ll be left sucking bones or our infantile thumbs

we’ll sit on the floor and stare into space

we’ll cry for our mummies and like mummies we’ll grimace

all the color and glow will go out of our Face”

So sings Desire in chorus with Appetite

thinking the world has gone lifeless and gray

for once in their lives they have to go hungry

from dawn to sunset for one month every day

Leaving our bodies at rest from their torments

our stomachs in shackles while the bright sun shines

to remember Who gave us each morsel and delicacy

set free for one month from our bodily confines

To the before death where the menu is meager

though in Paradise each goodie’s multiplied in quantum

This world a pale shadow in comparison

O let’s urge ourselves there with greater momentum!


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  • About the autor

    A piece previously published in the print issue of Islamica Magazine between 2003-2009. The following has been an effort to digitize and archive as a free service. Author citations can be found at islamicamagazine.com as we continue to work on improving the digital archives here.

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