Oblivion: the Ultimate Muslim Movie?

Senior Editor Haroon Moghul offers a unique take on the summer blockbuster Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise), and how it’s the perfect “Muslim” movie.

Part 1: Are You Trying to Understand Islam? Listen to Tom Cruise

Part 2: Moses vs. Pharaoh: A 21st Century Morality Play

Part 3: Why Are Muslims So Violent?

Part 4: What’s a Kafir? Oblivion Sin and the Future of Infidelity

Part 5: “I Help Drones”: Pop Islam, Even If It Isn’t


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    Haroon Moghul

    Haroon Moghul is a co-producer at Avenue M, a widely published writer and a popular public speaker.

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    • oneminuteinfinite .

      I thought the movie Oblivion was an interesting reflection on American Imperialism.

      the good guy Earthling (American), is fighting the other – Aliens who are left
      over after losing the war (Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans, Syrians,
      Russians, etc.)

      However, it transpires that Jack is really just a
      clone of his former self controlled by the real Aliens and the “Aliens” are actually Earthlings
      fighting for their planet and their lives. So the true roles are actually the opposite of what we are originally led to believe.

      Jack is really the other – as the Americans are in their many imperial adventures in other people’s countries.


      Is the Hollywood propaganda machine being subverted from inside?