Students have begun to share photos correcting the error in the yearbook. Credit: Bayan Zehlif on Twitter, and Katarina Barbour on Twitter.

Labeled Isis in School Yearbook

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A Muslim highschool student in California is upset after she was erroneously labeled “Isis Phillips” in her yearbook.

On Friday evening, Bayan Zehlif, a student at Los Osos high school in Rancho Cucamonga, California, tweeted a photo of a page in her yearbook, containing her class photo with the name “Isis Phillips” underneath.

The tweet garnered outrage, with many of Zehlif’s fellow students encouraging her to report the incident. Zehlif replied noting that her mother plans to meet with Susan Petrocelli, the principal at Los Osos, and intends to “open a case” if no answers are given.

Petrocelli told The Islamic Monthly that she has convened an investigation into the matter to determine how “Isis Phillips” appeared under Zehlif’s photo.

Petrocelli confirmed that there is a student with the name Isis Phillips who used to attend Los Osos, and is still part of the school district. In a Facebook post, Zehlif said, “The school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. I beg to differ, let’s be real.” Yet Petrocelli says, “I would never say it was a typo or a mistake. As I told Bayan’s family, this matter has to be thoroughly investigated first.”

Petrocelli stressed that the school is taking the matter seriously. “If there is a student that has responsibly and intentionally committed this, we will take the appropriate action that is necessary.”

This investigation has only just begun because of when the matter arose, Petrocelli says, adding that they aren’t capable of getting in touch with students until they return to class on Monday. Petrocelli said that the yearbook is put together by a class of Los Osos students, as well as student editors.

Only 287 yearbooks have gone out thus far, and have only been distributed to seniors, according to Petrocelli. There are over 3,000 students at Los Osos. The rest of the yearbooks have been locked up, Petrocelli says, and the school has begun to work with a publishing company to rectify the error.

Students have begun to share photos correcting the error in the yearbook. Credit: Bayan Zehlif on Twitter, and Katarina Barbour on Twitter.
Students have begun to share photos correcting the error in the yearbook.
Credit: Bayan Zehlif on Twitter, and Katarina Barbour on Twitter.

Petrocelli says she has reached out to Zehlif and Phillips’ family, and will be meeting with the former on Sunday morning. She was not able to offer a prediction on when the results of the investigation will be announced.

This post will be updated when more information is made available.

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    • Aaron M


      • tasteless chap

        A racist says what??

        • Aaron M

          Well this raaaaayyyciss says ‘f*ck your feelings’ because the facts aren’t out yet. You don’t know what happened, and the protected scarf wearer is already threatening legal action without even giving the school a chance to investigate, just as stoopid as you.

          Typical frothing leftards, make me laugh/sad!


          • tasteless chap

            Pyss off, troglodyte. In this setting my feelings are irrelevant….as are you.

            How does someone like you become such a mean-spirited idiot? Do you just sit in your trailer all day looking for people to blame for your own misery? You have got to get out more. Meet people. Experience the world. There’s a lot of good things out there, and you might be surprised that you actually enjoy a few of them. But sitting in a dark, dank room surrounded by empties and making fun of “others” online isn’t one of those good things.

            • Aaron M

              Yeah funny things happen in the world and they make me laugh. Like the three black girls who claimed to be bashed by white people on a bus. That was hilarious, because they turned out to be complete, utter, liars. It was hilarious because cucks like you stood up for them and believed it to be true, just because they said it was true.
              I enjoy many of the worlds comedic offerings like the white guy Shaun King who lied about being black and being bashed for being black. I love Rachel Dolezal because she makes mental illness funny!

              And I like you, because you enable all these vibrant funny things to come to life!

              Thankyou TC.

            • tasteless chap

              Yeah, just like when Susan Smith claimed black guys killed her boys. Jackholes like you defended her and came to her side, but turns out she did it herself! Oh, and that McCain campaign staffer that claimed to have been mugged by black men in Pittsburgh. So screw off, idiot.

            • Aaron M

              Oh I got so many more for you like :

              The black chick from Kean University with her tweets against blacks
              The muslim who got run over by Mohammed but lied it was right wingers
              The fags who graffiti their own house
              How about that fatty Amy Schumer lying about the black guy

              but since you’re already flustered and throwing ad-homs……my work here is done, buddy.

              You watch that blood pressure ok 🙂

            • tasteless chap

              And there are countless other examples from my list as well. Not to mention the countless white mobs completely obliterating black communities around the country.
              Not sure what a comic like Amy Schumer has to do with this topic, but whatever. I’m sure you’ve got plenty more misogynistic fat shaming to do, so I won’t keep you any longer

            • Kelly Jackson

              Thanks for your liberal white guilt, but five tours in Iraq gave me enough Islam to last a lifetime.

            • tasteless chap

              So what? Practitioners of Islam still have the right to exist (even here in the USA), despite your aversion to them.

              BTW, I’m not white.

          • Ron Noname

            YOU are a hateavist

        • Kelly Jackson

          Islam isn’t a race you moron

          • tasteless chap

            I never said it was, douche! I was referring to the several other comments made by Aaron M on various other stories. Now aren’t you late for your sovereign citizens or white-fear militia meeting?

    • Donna

      And if the students names were Nancy and Sue, would there be any of this crap??

      • tasteless chap

        Yeah! Shame on the Muslim student for being offended that some lazy yearbook staffer AND editor decided to literally label her as a terrorist organization. Some people are so thin-skinned. /s

        • stevels_smith

          Isis is the name of an Egyptian deity and has been used as a girl’s name for thousands of years. It doesn’t even make sense to call the Jihadist organization ISIS because the S stands for Syria and they are in other lands. ISIL the ‘L’ means Levant which is better descriptive and Daish is insulting to them and they hate it so we should just call them Daish and reclaim Isis as a girls name.

          • Ron Noname

            That “reclamation” would be as impossible as reclaiming the swastika for its original and true meaning.

            Unfortunately, they are both corrupted for evermore.

            • matt10023

              Actually, Hindus still use the swastika today – in context, nobody (with half a brain or more) has an issue with it. “Isis” is likewise context dependent and a fairly common girls name. It was probably a mistake, but even if it wasn’t, an insult is like poison – it’s only effective if taken.

              The more people freak out about it, the more effective it was.

            • stevels_smith

              It’s too soon.
              It’s only the US calling them ISIS while everyone else says IS and plenty call them ISIL even on US TV.

          • Jalil Al-Hamza

            Just stop… please…

            • stevels_smith

              Actually no. I will continue for the rest of my life to reclaim Isis as a girl’s name. Pagan people in the US still revere Isis the deity in their worship.

    • Ron Noname

      “Petrocelli says she has reached out to Zehlif and Phillips’ family, and
      will be meeting with the former on Sunday morning. She was not able to
      offer a prediction on when the results of the investigation will be

      When cops use this same excuse, what it actually means is this:
      “We need time to think up a lie/excuse that we believe will fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time.”

      This was a deliberate insult to this young woman.

    • Rodney Jones

      just read her Wiki, this was no typo indeed, we stand with you Bayan!!!

      • Aaron M

        How do you know?

    • 1e2c3a4w5

      No one likes a whinger. Except those wallowing in white liberal guilt and feeling morally superior about it. Go for it Bayan/ISIS, there’s a huge market for this sort of thing. Perhaps you’ll get invited to the White House.

    • John Keller

      The biggest surprise? An Arab girl who is actually cute.