Hamas leader’s son and Israeli spy goes to Jersualem to promote book, film effort

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of West Bank Hamas leader Hassan Yousef, returned to Israel after six years in the U.S. to find locations to film a movie based on his 2010 book, “Son of Hamas.” The younger Yousef, now a Christian, became a spy for Israel’s Shin Bet against Hamas’ operations in Ramallah for 10 years before seeking political asylum in the U.S. Yousef will be working on the movie version of his book with Sam Feuer, an Israeli producer who lives in Beverly Hills, Calif. They are also working on a film about the life of the Prophet Muhammad that they say will depict his “real nature” to Muslims. That film has a lead actor and funding.

Reuters.com, Dan Williams, 6/19/2012
JPost.com, Sam Sokol, 6/19/2012

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