Dear Don Lemon: Thanks for Making Me Famous

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Apparently, we currently live in a “post-racial” America where a prominent national television news anchor can ask an American Muslim human rights lawyer whether he supports a terrorist organization simply because he happens to be a Muslim.

arsalan don lemon

Because that is exactly what happened to me recently with CNN anchor Don Lemon.

During my nationally-televised January 7, 2015 interview with Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight”, I was asked to join Don for a live one-on-one interview on the aftermath of the tragic Paris terrorist attacks against the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo.

If you watch the video of my CNN interview below, I spent the first two-thirds of the interview (4 out of the 6-minute segment) categorically condemning the Paris attack.

Right off the bat, I stated categorically that I was “shocked and horrified” at the Paris attack and that it was “against any normative teaching of Islam”.

Continuing my barrage of superlative condemnations, I continued to call the Paris terrorists “irreligious criminals committing acts of mass murder” and finally ended the first two-thirds of the CNN interview by calling the Paris attacks a “crime against humanity”.

How much more condemnation do you want from a Muslim guy?

But true to form, this was not enough for CNN host Don Lemon.

Around the 4:45 mark of my now-viral CNN interview, Don Lemon was asking me about a Russian news agency poll which claims that 16% of French Muslims show sympathy for ISIS and then proceeded to ask me the question heard around the world:

“Do you support ISIS?”

Now to be completely honest with you, I totally thought that I had misheard him because surely there was no respectable journalist in the world who would ask a Muslim human rights lawyer whether he supports an organization which violates human rights each and every day.

But then I remembered that I was dealing with Don Lemon.

So I responded to Columbia Journalism Review’s 2014 “Worst Journalist of the Year” by saying:

“Wait…Did you just ask if I support ISIS?”

This was the extent of the response that I wanted to give to such a blatantly tone-deaf question which is the moral equivalent of asking a white person “Do you support the Ku Klux Klan?”

Anybody with common sense can see the logical absurdity of asking an American Muslim human rights lawyer whether he supports an organization which violates human rights every day.

Such an obviously absurd question certainly deserves no response.

Thankfully, this is where the Internet took over.

In less than 24 hours, there were nearly 5,000 media articles written condemning Don Lemon for his asinine question in major publications such as BuzzFeed, Deadspin, The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today and more. Most of these articles called the ISIS question just the latest in a series of major Don Lemon on-air gaffes; including his previous theory about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 perhaps flying into a “black hole” or once asking an alleged Bill Cosby rape victim why she didn’t bite off the comedian’s penis whilst being allegedly raped by him.

So very quickly, I had now become the “human rights lawyer who supports ISIS” in thousands of Internet memes and responses on Twitter and social media.

To highlight the bipartisan uproar against Don Lemon’s question, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele condemned Lemon’s question when he said on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.24.12 PM

From the political left, Glenn Greenwald noted that I had “vehemently condemned” the Paris attacks and said:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.22.16 PM

After nearly 15 years of journalism and thousands of media interviews, I can honestly say that I have never become more “famous” than after this latest Don Lemon gaffe. It is a sincere honor to be added to the litany of famous “Malaysian-black-hole-penis-biting” Don Lemon media gaffes which can be added to his audition tape for his next job at FOX News Channel.

So from the bottom of my heart, I want to publicly thank Don Lemon for making me famous with his patently offensive racist dumb-ass question.

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    • Jekyll

      Hey Don Lemon, do you support homosexuals when they molest young children ?

      • O. Locke

        yeah! because that has something to do with moslim terrorism in the west.

        • Jekyll

          Show me a moslim and I’ll kick him in.

          • O. Locke

            huh? sure, pal.

    • Martin

      You held your composure well under such bigotry being thrown your way. I couldn’t have done the same. This at least goes to show that bigotry of Muslims crosses all race barriers an argument I’ve been trying to get across for some time now. Is the only respectable news organization left in America PBS?

      • FedSec

        No, there are none. Not even PBS.

      • Awaken – Next Level

        NO, I love Muslims, White, Blacks, Asian, Latino, etc. Please don’t do exactly what you are saying others do, generalize. Don Lemon is not even Black mentally. LOL

        • Martin

          I am not generalizing anything. It’s on video. The man said it. He happens to be African-American. Bigotry and hatred towards Muslims in today’s society far out weighs any issue dealing with so called racism in America today. AFRICANS cry injustice while whites (like myself)cry reverse racism. The point is that both or most of these people are stuck in the past and cannot progress, but the one thing these two cultural backgrounds for the most part have in common is their Christian faith. Which goes beyond race and in glad tidings together can discriminate against Muslims on a daily basis. ISLAM is the only thing that can get rid of the stain of racism in America and also the world. Hopefully the world will catch onto it. The world has the question, they (Christians) just don’t like the answer.

          • Jim Prindle

            Are you now snorting CRACK along with smoking it for breakfast ??? ISLAM DISCRIMINATES AGAINST EVERYTHING NOT ISLAMIC !!! It survives by using brut force and it will be stopped in AMERICA with greater force !!

            • Martin

              Your are a idiot. It’s a religion. A faith. You associate one segment of Islam as a whole. I feel sorry for your children.

          • Clarisse73

            Frankly, you need to take a look at your own habit of generalization: ‘AFRICANS (do you mean African-Americans/ Blacks? then say so!) and white Americans cry racism or reverse racism because they are stuck in the past and cannot progress. The one thing they have in common is their Christian faith.’ Really? That is a huge and ridiculous generalization all on its own.
            Now for your most ridiculous statement: “ISLAM is the only thing that can get rid of the stain of racism in America and also the world.”
            How about this, Martin? You practice the religion that you prefer and the rest of us will do the same. As for ISLAM saving the world from racism, what ARE you smoking?

            • Martin

              Islam itself for bids race. If the world practiced it correctly there would be no race issue. It’s is the only institution religious or not that disconnects itself from this issue and it was created 1436 years ago. No established government of thought since then has dealt with it in a manner that is upright. I doesn’t shock me that you think I’m insane, your kind usually do, but I rather live in a world and walk down the street and see someone as a human being than a race. Islam provides this. I only provide facts not generalizations and the facts I provide come from history not from a philosophy class room like yours.

            • Clarisse73

              Your response doesn’t really impress me. It’s like saying that if the Christian faith were properly practiced, the world would be a much better place. I don’t need to tell you that there are plenty of people who call themselves Christians even as their actions tell one otherwise.
              By the same token, if Islam was practiced in “an upright manner”, there would be a lot less suffering and dying in the places where it is NOT practiced in an upright manner.
              And please don’t assume your religion is better than the religion of anyone else. That is exactly how religious wars are started.

            • Martin

              Christianity has been practiced accordingly and by that I mean genocide. Everything that faith has touched or conquered those people’s history has been erased. Latin America, North America, everything leading up to the Holocaust and the middle east today. You can’t say the same about Islam. Sure Islam has similarities when it was spreading across the globe, but it didn’t wipe out people’s history and languages. EGYPT still has the pharaohs and pyramids. What do the Native Americans have in this country? Casinos and Meth. Please pick up a book and read.

            • Clarisse73

              And read what? That Islam is some kind of societal problem-solver of a religion? Why don’t you ask the Muslims who have witnessed the slaughter of innocents by ISIS, if they think Islam is not a religion that inflicts death on non-believers? Or at least those who don’t believe in the form of Islam that the vicious ISIS/ISIL chooses to practice.
              That you can say that Christianity, practiced accordingly, means genocide, is beyond belief. There has been plenty of bloodshed in the name of Christianity over the years, but that doesn’t mean Christianity and slaughter go hand in hand.
              But why am I telling you this? Being a practitioner of Islam, you know that there is plenty of blood that has flowed in the name of Islam over the centuries. And looking at the atrocities that are occurring in these present times (e.g. the killings in France), the bloodletting shows no sign of stopping.

            • Martin

              Your idiocy and dumbness insults all stupid people worldwide. As far as a book start with world history Mr. GUMP.

            • Clarisse73

              Wow! What happened? Missed your nap?

            • Martin

              Let me rephrase. World History for Dummies.

            • Clarisse73

              The Dummy being you? Sure, pick up a book. It will do you a world of good! THEN, you can take a nap.

    • bobinisrael

      Sure, it was a dumb question. Not as dumb as you saying religion’s got nothing to do with contemporary Islamic/ist terrorism as was seen in the Paris Attacks. Also not nearly as dumb as pretending there is some sort of equivalence between Christianity, Judaism, or other religions with respect to their fueling of modern terrorism. Also dumb was your assertion that supporters of ISIS (17% of those polled in France, according to Lemon’s comment) aren’t sympathetic to the recent mass murders in Paris. If we’re gonna examine the stupidity of that segment, there’s a lot more coming from “The Muslim Guy”.

      • W.A. Jones

        Ready for some back and forth?

        First off, I don’t trust any Muslim unless that person has personally stood up to a threat of death — or had herself mutilated — because words are meaningless, since the Koran allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims, known as taqiyya.

        With that said, Arsalan — though it’s only talk — has a track record of standing up to the radical Muslims.

        But still…I felt a bit uneasy that he told Don Lemon that the French backers of ISIS support the ideology but don’t support the killing of Christians and other Muslims. Say that again? That’s like saying I support the Nazi Party but not the gas chambers. By supporting the Nazis, you support what they do.

        And if Arsalan can justify French Muslims supporting ISIS, does it really stretch the imagination that he, too, supports perhaps their “ideology” too?

        • Kirk Lazarus

          You went full retard man. Never go full retard.

          • W.A. Jones

            That’s the best response you can come up with? Go back and let the adults talk please.

            • Iekyll

              It’s the only response needed for someone who’s gone full retard. Whether or not the complete retard is adult is irrelevant.

            • ThinkPlease

              Here’s the problem, usually when “adults” talk, WA Jones, they do their research before opening their mouth.

              Taqiyya is a Shia concept (shia is a minority of islam, kinda like taking a concept from mormonism and applying that to all of christianity) and the concept says if your life is under threat you can say you aren’t muslim, although all sunnis and most shias will agree no matter who is coercing you, you do not lie about your religion and you stand for what you believe in. This is a strange and foreign concept to a lifelong muslim such as myself.

              You misunderstood what he was saying. He was saying that those people have sympathies for that ideology (islam because they are muslim, followers of islam) and he clarified RIGHT after that they don’t support the killings and heinous acts like this.

              Also, adults usually don’t use selective hearing and don’t usually twist facts to support a crappy argument. You can’t lump 1.6 billion people in the world like that. But hey, continue to live in ignorance if that floats your boat.

            • Jim Prindle

              WRONG, BUTT BOY !!!…..All muslims use this to support their constant lying to everyone else….like you just did in trying to cover it up and confuse the issue !!! This has been done for thousands of years and muslims are actually very proficient at lying about everything. AND THAT IS WHY THEY CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED !!!!!!

          • Jim Prindle

            Unless, like you, that person has the intelligence of a small soap dish….Islam=evil……

            • Kirk Lazarus

              Humans = Evil. Right? Which religion caused two world wars? Which put Joseph Stalin in power? Chairman Mao? Pol Pot? You seem to lack understanding and seem to have some sort of mental deficiency. So therefore, I stand by my original claim, that you went full retard. Never go full retard.

        • Manik88

          Seriously? I am so sick and tired of having this discussion with misinformed people. They say that having a little bit of knowledge about something and thinking that you are an expert is a dangerous thing. The Quran has never allowed muslims to lie to non muslims as taqqiya. The whole concept was that muslims were being tortured and killed just for being muslims. They were given permission that if they were being tortured or under duress or fear of certain death that they could lie and say that they were not muslim. How people bigoted against Islam have used that to mean an open season to lying to non muslims is beyond me.
          The funniest thing is when they use made up verses or mistranslations as evidence (i.e. using lies to show that muslims are supposed to lie to non muslims).

          • W.A. Jones

            So taqiyya was used a long time ago? Okay, then, so how is it used today in the Muslim community?

            Secondly, please advise us of “kitman” please.

            And, for extra credit, enlighten us on the proper punishment you believe is proper, in your opinion, for a satiric cartoon of the Prophet.

            • Manik88

              Did you even read my point about what Taqqiya means? I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and had never ever heard of it. Only when I moved to the west did someone, who had never interacted in depth with a muslim before, brought it up and asked me about, and I had to read up on it and ask scholars about it.
              Did you not understand that it is only under extreme duress or fear of certain death that you could lie about being Muslim?
              Taqqiya is different between Sunni, which is 90 percent of the Muslim population, and Shiites which comprise of 7% of muslims. Some shiite’s use taqqiya, i.e. lie about being shiite because in certain places of the muslim world, they might be persecuted or killed for being shiite.
              As far as satirical cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH) go, I find them very offensive, but that does not give ANYONE the right to go out and kill people. My faith in God is strong enough to withstand someone making fun of it.

            • DannyEastVillage

              sorry bro–for W.A. Jones to have gotten your point he’d either have want to or would have had to have been paying attention. Frankly, his last posting sounds like his agenda is such that he’s not capable of either.

            • Fill2

              Probably W.A is a fox viewer.

            • O. Locke

              If you grew up in saudi arabia and never heard of a major tenet of your faith why would you think we would find your question penetrating at all? you don’t know your faith.

              stop defending it and start reforming it. mohamed never spoke with god. accept that. the qurarn is just a book. pray to your god but stop forcing the rest of us to adhere to your ridiculous rules.

            • Manik88

              Maybe if you used common sense it would be obvious to you that it was not a major tenet of my faith. If it still isn’t obvious, let me write it in capital letters to make it even more easier for you to understand: IT IS NOT A MAJOR TENET OF ISLAM. IT IS A FRINGE CONCEPT TWISTED BY CRACKPOTS WHO WANT TO BELIEVE THAT ALL MUSLIMS LIE TO NONMUSLIMS.

            • Baldie McEagle

              O.Locke’s faith must be in Google. Are you saying that as a Muslim you know more about Islam than Google can cough up in 5 minutes?


            • O. Locke

              This is where you keep getting it mixed up. It isn’t me who you need to convince. I know islam is as ridiculous as its claims.

              YOU need to reform your faith so your fellow moslims won’t behead someone who disagrees with the unsubstantiated ridiculous claims of some guy who lived 1600 plus years ago.

              that’s your job. hop to it.

            • Manik88

              that’s where YOU keep getting it mixed up. It isn’t my job. My job is to earn a living, support my family, be the best person I can be in my community and help my friends and neighbours, be it muslims or christians, or hindus or athiests or jews. Why the hell is it my job to tackle nut jobs any more than it is yours? I’m following my religion, I’m not going around hurting people or causing trouble. If some nut job is causing trouble using the name of my religion, people need to understand that it is because he is a nut job, not because he or she is a muslim. It is not my responsibility. I condemn these scum bags and their horrible actions as much as the next guy. So why don’t you hop to it? Chop, chop

            • O. Locke

              This is why moslims in very short order will find themselves at war with the other 5 billion people around the globe. it is your job if you say your a moslem to reform your death cult. if you practice it, you own it.

              you don’t get to live in the west, subjugate women, behead people that insult a pederast who raped a 9 year old girl, you don’t get to beat your wife, you don’t get to mutilate your children, you’re not allowed to practice your religion as political ideology. you can’t blame terror attacks on the foreign policy of nations when you live in the west. you can’t justify murder.

              The other 5 billion people in the world don’t have to practice your faith with you. fix it. or be at war with the rest of us. not both.

            • Manik88

              I agree a hundred percent that you dont get to live in the west and do those things. In fact those things should not be allowed anywhere on the planet. Also, I dont need to reply to imbeciles and a bigots whose sole purpose is to mock and antagonise me. You say “rest of us”, I’m pretty certain level headed people are backing away from you saying, “erm speak for yourself buddy”

            • O. Locke

              no. the rest of us means the other 5 billion people on the planet that don’t want to practice your faith with you. it isn’t racist to criticize a death cult for doing what moslems are doing.

              live with those facts.

            • Jekyll

              The way Hebdo went after Muslims, if they were to go after homosexuals or Jews, they would have been out of business a while back.

              live with those facts.

            • O. Locke

              they go after all religions regularly. and the major religions have done their best to mock and ridicule homosexuals, women, and minorities. hebdo doesn’t need to do that. moslems are already doing that.

              live with the facts, pal.


            • Jekyll

              No papi look, it’s satire so homosexuals should be well included in their celebrations.

            • O. Locke

              sure. I agree. but mohamed doesn’t get a pass.

            • M W Jones

              (O. Locke can’t even see that NO ONE is giving his posts any positive feedback, while we do yours. Sorry about him–and nice work with your replies! I know you don’t have to bother, and I appreciate your effort!)

            • Manik88

              Thank you 🙂 I try my best to reason with people such as him, but it has been an uphill battle so far. How can you even have a logical discussion with people who believe that you have been indoctrinated to blatantly lie to them at all costs?

            • missminute

              I would feel sorry for how easily you’re brainwashed if it wasn’t so dangerous. Forces bigger than you are telling you how to feel. That fear is lining pockets and inciting violence and killing innocents. Maybe you will open your eyes one day and stop being a god damn sheep.

            • O. Locke

              oh, so you’re going to use the conspiracy line on me today?

              okay. I’ll bite. why it it that YOU are not the one being told what to think. I say reform islam BEFORE it’s too late. you say what exactly?

            • Baldie McEagle

              I say: Reform yourself.

              By your own logic (and your own “facts”), we can’t go back to 700 AD and reset the clock on the Death Cult Global War on Freedom. Nor can we take back the Crusades or their modern extension, Israel.

              We’ve tried invading them, twice in the last decade and a half: No go.

              So what strategy is left? Do you actually think you can browbeat Muslims into religious “reform” when about 1 billion of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world can’t even meaningfully vote for their own government?

              Have you considered talking to them in a diplomatic fashion? Or would that strike too deeply at the authoritarian/guardian persona you have created for yourself?

            • O. Locke

              look, pal.

              I’m not sure who this “we” is you’re referring to. I suppose your limp-wristedly justifying moslem aggression against the west for percieved sleights. if so, shame on you!

              no one is “browbeat”ing anyone into anything. what people are saying is that they want the option to not practice the moslem religion. no one is saying “go home” or “go back to your own country”. what honest people are saying, which western muslims find incomprehensible, is “ASSIMILATE into the culture”. you don’t have to give up your faith. practice in a mosque NOT in public.

              thanks for allowing me to clarify, pal.

            • Jim Prindle


            • Fill2

              O.Locke follows Pat Buchanan on the Fox Entertainment channel. That could explain some of his opinions.

            • missminute

              Can you please reform the west so they stop invading the Middle East and funding and training terrorist organisations to do their oil-grabbing dirty work? Ps. Tell them to stop killing kids with drones. Hop to it!

            • O. Locke

              there it goes!

              that justifies moslem terrorism. thanks for helping me illustrate the facts for this person!

            • missminute

              When I see peoole like you in action I understand how Nazi Germany happened. If Muslims were doing to America what America has done to the Middle East you’d be shooting Muslims on site in the streets. You can’t see out of the bubble of how you’re told to feel. Seig Heil! Hate fuels hate, and hate fuels terrorism. Thanks for your contribution to that cycle.

            • O. Locke

              moslems supported the germans against the west ww1. that support for german hatred and aggression translated into support for nazism too.

              thanks for ending the conversation, pal.

            • missminute

              The nazi party was staunchly catholic, pal. So whose atrocity was it, the Catholics who incited the violence or the Muslims who supported it? What about all the other Christian nations who supported it? You’re a good little sheep.

            • O. Locke

              look, pal.

              you brought them up. now that you find your moslem compatriots supported them your back tracking.

              the article is about a moslem when it is about other religions we can talk about those religions. “they do it too” is not a defense.

              Shame on you, pal.

            • missminute

              Honey I went to school. I know who was a nazi ally and who wasn’t. What will satisfy you? Saying all Muslims are evil and must be ended? Seig Heil !

            • O. Locke

              no. reforming their faith.

              thanks for asking, pal.

            • Jim Prindle

              GREAT…..I can arrange it….TEAM 6 wants a little pay back time, if you know what I mean ???

            • Christine Larsen

              Hey, listen… This guy is a right arsehole… But, in fairness, the Natzis weren’t Catholic. There may have been Catholics among their ranks, but they were a political party.

            • Jim Prindle

              Maybe a little DRONE from the NSA will stop by and visit you and yours??? Never know, will you ???

            • The Randomone

              I did think this was a paid troll and this comment has cemented that notion. Do not feed the trolls people.

            • O. Locke

              yeah! because I won’t buy the moslem line about lying to people who don’t adhere to the faith? REFORM THE FAITH.

              call me what you will.

            • rainlily

              It is not a major tenant of their faith, what do you not understand? And as a factual being who existed and whose writers are known, the Quran kicks the Bible and Jesus’ ass.

            • O. Locke

              okay. If I were defending. Christianity. I couldn’t give a crap about that. but the koran is full of unsubstantiated claims and outright falshoods borrowed from Judaism.

              moslems must reform their fath.

            • Jekyll

              I found out about the 72 virgins on CNN…if someone told me that in Sunday school, I’d probably would have paid more attention.

            • Manik88

              Hahaha I found out about the virgins watching a Jeff Dunham skit 😀

            • The Randomone

              Guys stop arguing with these never travelled people. They think America is the world. Their short sight is rivalled by nothing else that I have heard of. Just plain stupid. I cannot do it

            • Jim Prindle

              You are a true camel jockey…. Trained by the ole House O Saud …home of the hundred lashes, public stoning and hanging, and the Birth place of islamic terrorism….. and soon to be home of a huge fused sand-glass sculpture featuring a square box with a big ole rock inside…..glow in the dark mecca, courtesy of an AMERICAN 3 mega ton warhead.

            • Manik88

              I wont argue with an idiot because it might not be his fault that he was dropped on his head as a child.

            • Kirk Lazarus

              Actually no, we’re engaged in a deep throat 69 with them, they cum oil in our hungry mouths, we cum support for their dictatorship in theirs. Everyone goes home happy!

          • O. Locke

            that’s right! change the meaning to fit your narrative.

            so it was lies then about torture? sure! So the jihadists are misinterpreting the text. Saudia Arabia is misinterpreting the text? muslims int he west are misinterpreting the text?

            gimme a break, pal.

            • Manik88

              Do you really have a tough time understanding english, or are you just purposely trying to come across like an idiot? Ask any mainstream muslim about Taqqiya and they will have absolutely no idea what it means. That is because it is a fringe element.
              I don’t need to give you a break pal, you’re free to believe whatever nut job hate filled conspiracy theories you choose to hold dear.

            • O. Locke

              the only conspiracy theorist is the person who tries to deny the teachings moslems must endure. the subjugation of women. the political instrumentalization of their governments and their willingness to endure that on the basis of faith.

              moslems are at war with the west.


            • missminute

              Last I looked it was western bombs and drones being dropped on their heads. Who is at war with who?

            • O. Locke

              western bombs being dropped on people who live in france? it’s my understanding these men were living in france. france hasn’t been bombed in the last 50 years by missiles. I think you meant moslims jihadists committing acts of terrorist aggression.

              thanks for trying to justify violence.

            • missminute

              Wait so it’s only justifying violence when it’s Muslim violence? You’re justifying western violence and you’re too much of a sheep to see it.

            • O. Locke

              oh. so I’m a sheep because I refuse to buy the moslem line that reformation isn’t necessary? if no reform is made they risk conflict with the west. those are the facts.

              live with them.

              thanks for your input and the exchange, pal.

            • Michael

              “the subjugation of women. the political instrumentalization of their governments and their willingness to endure that on the basis of faith.”

              Leave the Tea Party out of this.

            • O. Locke

              I will. you should too. the article is about moslem terror.

            • M W Jones

              No, the article is about an idiot reporter asking an offensive question.

            • O. Locke

              no. it isn’t.

              the question is valid. why should someone take racial offense to a religious based question?

              there are black moslems and white moslems too. a large majority of them support the extremism. clarifying their position is valid.

            • rainlily


            • missminute

              Sweetie look up the role America played in creating and training al queda, Isis and the Taliban. Open your eyes.

            • O. Locke

              oh okay. so now it’s the U.S. that is responsible for moslem terror around the globe?

              the kremlin backed conspiracy theories are as believable as they read and sound.

              let me guess. I’m a sheep because I don’t support the idea that financing and training of these groups that were once U.S. proxies are now fully funded and backed by moslem countries.

              thanks for educating me on the kremlin backed conspiracy of the week, pal

            • missminute

              Baaaa baaaa baaaaaa

            • O. Locke

              yup! like I thought.

            • Jim Prindle

              Blow me. !!!

            • Kirk Lazarus

              They’d need to use a microscope first in order to see it.

            • missminute

              Denial – not just a river in Egypt.

            • rainlily

              This is not what mainstream Muslims believe nor what the Quran teaches. Again, learn the difference between radicals and the mainstream.

            • O. Locke

              I know the difference between radiclas and mainstreamers. they both believe in the subjugation of women and they want special treatment when it comes that subject too.

            • Fill2

              Not sure how this fits with your beliefs. History of the Buchanite delusion, 1783-1846
              By John Cameron

            • O. Locke


              Wrong Buchanan, pal!

              And what’s more. I don’t have to adhere to the entirety of one set of ideas. get a clue.

              you’re doing this wrong, pal.

            • Jim Prindle

              And of course THEY WILL LIE and act stupid about it… know, for a bunch of terrorist and kiddy diddlers, you people are as dumb as you are ugly. The prophet rapped a 9 year old girl and had sex with little boys and animals because some fairy tale book said it was OK ???? And yes, I will make fun of you, your friends, your silly religion, your child molesting prophet, and anything else islamic, and I will encourage everyone to also. Get over your self importance and wanting special favors,…special food….separate laws, a mosque on every street ain’t gonna happen, hagji !!! The AMERICAN PEOPLE won’t allow it !!!

            • Manik88

              Just so you know, according to the Bible, Joseph the carpenter was 90 years old when he married a 12 year old Mary.

          • Baldie McEagle

            “The whole concept was that muslims were being tortured and killed just for being muslims. They were given permission that if they were being tortured or under duress or fear of certain death that they could lie and say that they were not muslim. How people bigoted against Islam have used that to mean an open season to lying to non muslims is beyond me.”

            Well, first they would have to know that Spain used to be Muslim, and that the Spanish Inquisition was a persecution of Muslims forced to convert or die. Bet that’s not in their “Amaze Your Friends! Be an Instant Expert on Islam!” kits.

          • Jim Prindle

            Read your own silly book from your make believe prophet and learn the lies better…there will be a test later…. YOU PEOPLE BRAG ABOUT THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA CONSTANTLY… do you think we don’t watch EVERYTHING you and your kind do and say !!!!!

        • bobinisrael

          I don’t care if Arsalan “stands up” to advocates of Islamic/ist terrorism. He’s lying about the nature of the terrorism by rejecting the association between the motivation of its actors and religion – specifically Islam and its doctrine/jurisprudence. He then engages in the usual leftist sleight of hand by invoking “Christian terrorism” i.e. Anders Breivik as if there is some sort of meaningful parallel to be drawn between contemporary Islamic/ist terrorism and terrorism inspired by other religions – he does this intentionally to dilute the overlap in the minds of his audience between Islam/Muslims and contemporary Islamic/ist terrorism.

          I see right through this liar, he’s a dime a dozen. In the same vein as Reza Aslan, Tarek Ramadan, Mehdi Hasan, and endless other supposedly “moderate” Muslims trying to rebrand Islam and its adherents.

          • Manik88

            And what about extremist Jewish terrorism in Israel? About liberal journalists receiving death threats and having to hire full time body guards and security to protect themselves?
            Let’s not be hypocritical here. There are idiots and extremists in every religion, be it Islam, Christianity or Judaism.

            • Bubbles

              The problem is not the idiots. Its the ideas. It’s the ideology. You are making an argument against religion. Okay, I get that. The core problem is Islam is “the motherlode” of bad ideas – in part because Islam is first a political movement and ideology, but one with a significant religious component that has always relied upon coercion to force conformity. Islamic calendar does not begin with the birth of Mohammed, nor the first revelation of Mohammed, but with Mohammed’s ascent to political power. The more you look under the hood, the worse Islam as an idea looks. The Koran says Muslims are supposed to follow the example of Mohammed. Their biographies show Mohammed embraced deception, dishonest, banditry, extortion, assassination, and eventually genocide. In short, the received history, their history, says Mohammed ran Medina like Mafia boss (see “Goodfellows”). This is the uncomfortable truth that appologist don’t want to talk about. Instead they tell us it is a religion of peace. Who do we believe? Them or our own eyes?

              When you look under the hood, the comparison between religions is asymmetrical.

            • Manik88

              Really? You’re going to try and Sam Harris me?

            • Bubbles

              It’s not about you. It’s not about Ben (ahem) Afflect, its not about Sam Harris, it’s not about me, It’s not about people. It is about ideas.

              If you don’t counter the point on the merits, you concede the point.

              You deflected the point. I’ll take that as a concession on point. Peace be upon you.

            • Manik88

              The thing is that it gets tiring arguing. You haven’t stated a single fact, just misinformation. Even your calender “factoid” is wrong. All you did was parrot garbage that Sam Harris has spewed, while I will have to spend an enormous amount of time and energy disputing your statement with actual events. When your talking points have no merit whatsoever, what am I conceding? But I’ll bite anyways.

              If you actually quote a renowned historian rather than new age anti Islam bigots with no expertise in the matter, you would know that Mohammad was so trusted that the whole city of Makkah left their valuables in his care, even those that persecuted him.
              Whose history are you actually reading? And what are their credentials?
              Running Madina like a mafioso? WTF? Genocide?

            • Bubbles

              I’ve read tons of material on Islam. I even did directed research on Islam in Law School. Some you may have heard of are several books by “Very Short Introduction” series from Oxford, which is not the extent of my reading, they are hand books, I am working overseas and most of my books are packed away in storage, so in truth I’ve read very many biographies of Mohammed, many histories some on Islam, notably, I’ve read Karen Armstrong, I saw the PBS special on the life of Mohammed. I’ve got a half dozen historical atlases some cover the development of Islam. I’ve read the Spirit of Islamic Law, a purely academic work. I’ve lived and worked and befriended lots of Muslims.

              The only thing I quote from Harris is his “motherlode of bad ideas.” and I like that because its accurate. I can’t even access Sam Harris’s web site for some reason as I’m overseas, and I’ve never bothered reading his books. Why I like atheists, I am not one. I am an academic. I work on mechanisms, systems and structures in civics, that’s my area of interest and it helps inform my view of histories.

              As to facts, the actually history: there’s very, very thin real historical evidence that Mohammed ever existed. This is similar to Christ. There was a great distortion to Christianity when Constantine co-opted it to help create cohesion in the Roman Empire, but like wise, there appears to be similar thing going on by the Caliph Malik. The Koran undoubtedly was distorted by the people who assembled it for their agenda’s and those documents were assembled decades and sometimes hundreds of years later.

              So we don’t have real facts. What we have are received history, not real history. Islam jurisprudence is based upon the received history and the Islamic received history says what I said above.

              The assessment was that after 12 or 13 years of preaching “inclusive” Islam in Mecca, Mohammed had 200 or less followers (some say only 80). Mohammed was an orphan in a society run under a significantly welled developed form of “vendetta” law – common in areas that can’t support a state system. That means he was perennially insecure. You’d have to study vendetta law to understand the significance of this. He was unenfranchised and basically without any political power. As an orphan in a vendetta society, Mohammed was careful to cultivate a great reputation, especially for fair dealing (that makes sense doesn’t it?) with everyone (because if he lost his Grandfather’s or Uncle’s protection even for a moment, one could legally kill him without recrimination). Then after a very poor showing for 12 years, he migrates to Medina who needs a mediator between the fueding tribes there. In “Goodfellows” parlance, the Muslims that made the migration with him were his “crew”. Immediately he turned to banditry, and basically walked off with roughly an entire years haul of Meccan silver and gold coming back from trades in Syria. Such booty attracted more conversions. In 622 half of Medina was Jewish. In only a few years, they were either dead or gone. Everything we know about how a mafia operates appears to have been in order in Medina. In fact, given the received history, its hard to imagine anything else.

              Are these facts? Maybe, maybe some, maybe none. But it is the received history. It’s all there. It isn’t pretty. I’ve read stuff that pretty successfully reduces Islam theologically, but I’m not really concerned about that. If Islam played well with others I wouldn’t care. If it could some how create a “transcendental islam” where they abandoned politics, political jihad, at least under the pretext that where there is freedom of religion jihad serves no purpose. In all likelihood Islam could not except that. It was a failing religion until it had access to political power, only then did Islam’s growth explode. They probably feel that they could never succeed on the merits, without coercion. They didn’t originally. That notion is reinforced by the death penalty for apostasy. A truly true religion would obviously not need to rely on such a rule. I think that is obvious. But I grow tired too, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m actually sorry about the truth about the real Islam. I’d like to think that the process of history wouldn’t let an epistomology that ugly, that dis-empowering, (and it is disempowering, that’s what “submit” or “surrender” implies at a personal level – you submit/surrender, become disempowered for the sake of right guidance, and in exchange you get peace within that system), but survive and even for a millenium, thrive, it did. I’m getting the strong sense it is not going to survive the full light of day, despite all the best deception, dishonesty, taqqiya and kitmen it’s appologist make. The light of day is what’s going to kill Islam, and I think it’s appologist know it and so are fighting to avoid, as Arslan does here.

            • Manik88

              You say you have read all those books, yet I see absolutely no academic sources to any claim you have made throughout. All of this was regurgitated garbage spewed by Islamophobes. Just writing good prose does not make one an intellectual. As I said, it is pointless arguing.

            • Bubbles

              “What a fool believes, he sees” – The Doobie Brothers.

              “The Spirit of Islamic Law” – Bernard Weiss, University of Oregan (I believe).

              Karen Armstrong – “A Short History of Islam”

              The Very Short Introduction series has a number of books on Islam, incluing history, Mohammend, etc.. I’ve read several of them.

              I’ve read many books over the years, that I don’t have with me.

              Those are academic sources of the low hanging fruit variety. The PBS piece was produced and presented by Muslims.

              None of them dispute the basic narrative and indeed, Islam supports the basic narrative, the biography of the prophets life.

              On a certain level, Islam is Islamophobic.

              So, I did post academic references. I’m not going to do a big research gathering of citations to please you in an online debate. There’s enough there already and it all says the same thing, and what’s more, if you know Islam you know it’s there.

              Islam, like Judaism, is a very legalistic religion. According to “The Spirit of Islamic Law” (there’s your academic citiation), God is the sovereign, man is the subject. Man’s job is to follow God’s law dutifully. The source of Islamic law is the Koran. The Koran says to follow the example of the prophet. So the Prophet’s life, his biography, habits and sayings are all sources of Islamic law. Like all legal systems, Islamic jurisprudence follows the “last in time” doctrine – where there is a contridiction in the source materials the later in time prevails. This is most unfortunate because the “nice” inclusive stuff (‘there should be no coercion to religion’) in the Koran comes from the Meccan period when Mohammed had no power and was relying on persuasion. The violent, coercive exclusive stuff comes from the later period at Medina when Mohammed gained political control. At Medina Mohammed progressively engaged in banditry (against Meccan caravans, but then rading surrounding tribes to exact tribute), deception (war is deception), dishonesty (to facilitate assassination of one of his enemies), assassination, murder (assassination by another name), and genocide (the beheading of 600 Jewish adult males from Medina) – except for genocide, this is all the stuff of Mafiaosa (its not that the mafia is not capable of Genocide, its just that they never had to – people usually give in from the threat of coercive force). Isis of course is headed by an Islamic scholar (I believe he has a PhD in Islamic studies). He is basically following the example of the prophet very closely. Isis is showing us what Islam unfortunately really is.

              If you know Islam, (and understand mechanisms in civics) you know none of what I am saying is untrue. It is unfortunate to hear. But this is why the violence will continue.

              Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing…
              but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

              Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.

              Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

              Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.”

              Quran (9:73) – “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.”

              Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

              And from the Hadith:

              Muslim (1:33) – the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

              Bukhari (8:387) – Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’. And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally.”

              Muslim (1:30) – “The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.”

              Bukhari (52:73) – “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords’.”

              So, more citations. I guess we see what we want to see.

            • Manik88

              I’ve read many books on the American Revolution:
              The American Revolution: A Concise History by Robert Allison
              The American Revolution: A History by Gordon S. Wood
              American Revolution by Joseph C Morton
              The American Revolution by Colin Bonwick
              And so many books that I don’t have with me.

              But everyone knows, there is no real evidence that anyone by the name of George Washington ever existed. Every book points towards the founding of America to be a fight against the forces of evil, a never ending battle to prevent the demon Moloch from taking over Earth. Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow must fight the Headless Horseman and other evil monsters to prevent the apocalypse from taking place. Obviously I am not going to provide you with any specific academic references just to please you in an online debate, but here are some quotes out of context that further prove my point:

              “Bros before hoes” Benjamin Franklin
              “He who smelt it dealt it” Paul Revere
              “I like butts and I cannot lie” George Washington
              “Blondes do have more fun” Alexander Hamilton
              “Once you go black, you never go back” Thomas Jefferson

              So many more citations, I guess we see what we want to see.

            • Bubbles

              More deflections. I consider that another concession on point.

              Oh, by the way, where are all the academic citations?

              Double standard? An even bigger concession on the entire scope of the discussion.

              Good luck with those bad ideas.

            • Manik88

              wow, there was no intention of offence to be caused, so *does slow clap* for you not to be offended on an innocuous spoof of the American Revolution that was a complete mirror of how ridiculous. weak, phony and insane your arguments were.

            • bobinisrael

              You’re wasting your time with Manik88. He’s aligned with the leftist narrative of contemporary terrorism and its overlap with Islam/Muslims.

            • Saad Raees

              Well no, the Islamic calendar doesn’t start with Mohammad’s start of political power, but with the occasion when Muslims had to flee persecution in Mecca and seek refuge in Medina, that’s when the Islamic calendar started!

          • FedSec

            So the moderate Muslims speak out against the extremists and you call them liars? You DO understand that that makes you a Christian extremist, yes?

            • Bubbles

              The problem is, this is all talk, Mohammed advised deceptive talk. Its in their own books. When push comes to shove, do they take their talk to Isis? In a word, no. They take it to CNN.

            • FedSec

              Keep reaching for that font of racism.

            • Saad Raees

              Really? Where did Mohammad advice us deceptive talks? Any reference? Because I can’t find any!

          • Bubbles

            There’s something to me, very unsettling about these people, and I’ve just realized its just an overwhelming feeling of deception &/or dishonesty. They deflect, they draw false equivalencies, assymetric comparisons, but some how they aren’t straight forward. The reason being, they can’t be. The more you learn about Islam, the more repulsive it gets. So they have to spin endless amounts of deception, deflection, distortion, dishonesty etc…

            As one person pointed out, Arsalan was appalled that the question was asked. That’s a deflection from actually answering the question (though Taqqiya and Kitman means he doesn’t have to tell the truth). Non of these guys stand up to the radicals and the jihadist in a material way where their skin is in the game. They are just mouthing stuff.

            • bobinisrael

              Well observed. He’s a liar, and he knows it. His dishonest narratives a calculated and come from a place of malevolence, not ignorance or stupidity.

          • Baldie McEagle

            “I see right through this liar, he’s a dime a dozen. In the same vein as Reza Aslan, Tarek Ramadan, Mehdi Hasan, and endless other supposedly “moderate” Muslims trying to rebrand Islam and its adherents.”

            You mean, people smarter and better informed and less blinded by hate than you?

        • rainlily

          The Quran does not support jihad or terrorism. Read before speaking; the Ayatollahs and religious clerics have distorted Islam just as Evangelical Christians have distorted the Bible.

        • Fascinatin’ Womanhood

          Oh come on.

          Those embryo extremists are the most deceitful and manipulative jerks I have ever met. And they quote Martin Luther about how a lie isn’t really a lie if it is uttered for the greater glory of god—-or to save a BAAAAAAAAYBEEEEEE.

      • Baldie McEagle

        Not much for nuance, are you Bob?

        Let’s try a thought experiment. You’re standing on a streetcorner in the Middle East. People walk by you by the dozens, then the hundreds: women in scarves, men in suits, whatever. Then one man knocks you down and grabs your wallet and hisses “Infidel!” as he runs away.

        Did religion have anything to do with this?

        As to your other points: yes actually, the bombing of Muslims by secular but majority-Christian countries might have something to do with “fueling” terrorism. And no, feeling sympathy for people fighting to establish a fundie-Muslim state—which by its very nature means combat, i.e., shooting at people who resist—does not mean sympathy for gathering civilians and deliberately mass murdering them. Sometimes people just like to see their own kind stand up to perceived oppressors.

        Another poster compared the situation to supporting Nazism but not supporting genocide. I understand the confusion, but a little historical perspective is in order. In fact, Hitler had to purge a lot of his supporters before establishing total control of Germany and ultimately moving on to the “Final Solution.” Yes, the genocide began with Kristallnacht in 1938. But hindsight makes the Holocaust more obvious a result than it would have been to a typical German before 1934, when the Nazi left was massacred.

        • Jim Prindle

          And just exactly WHY are these christian states bombing muslims ?? Could it be….TERRORIST !! Your argument is stupid and designed to embarrass, not to be logical. The world will continue to bomb Islamic countries until they become civilized and stop supporting and using terrorism. We do not need to kill all of you…but we will it that is what it takes to rid the world of a group of backward, evil and violent people.

          • Jeff Furlington

            “We do not need to kill all of you…but we will it that is what it takes to rid the world of a group of backward, evil and violent people.”

            Do you not realize that you’re a backward, evil, violent person who wants to kill people?

    • chasrmartin

      Excellent! Hit him again!

    • Pat Hayes

      Don Lemon is a vacuous imbecile and should be banned from TV period. I can not for the life of me figure out why CNN keeps him on. Ratings for the absurd? Such an unbelievable bigot.

      • Awaken – Next Level

        Probably for the same reason FOX keeps Hannity; we will never truly know.

      • Cynical Nihilist

        CNN has very nakedly been chasing after Fox News’ viewer base over the past few years. They might as well just merge at this point.

    • Captain Omni

      So was that a “YES” or “NO” on the ‘do you support ISIS’ question?
      Because he didn’t really answer one way or the other.
      He said he didn’t support mass murder but he didn’t say “No, I don’t support ISIS.”

      • chasrmartin

        You know, the number of morons who can’t actually parse English any longer is really appalling.

        • Captain Omni

          Not as appalling as the number of moronic Islamic sycophants…

          • chasrmartin

            Look, it’s not my fault you can’t read.

      • Saad Raees

        When he said he doesn’t support mass murder, that pretty much have answered that stupid question because that question was not worth answering by any Muslim who has self esteem!

        • Captain Omni

          So, you’re a Muslim? Do you support a death sentence for apostasy? For homosexuals? For adulterers? al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver.”

      • Ross

        A well known logical fallacy is the “loaded question.” The typical example is “have you stopped beating your wife?” but really any question is loaded when by merely answering it you are affirming a categorically false premise underlying the question itself. Such questions warrant no answer whatsoever. Iftikhar has explained the absurdity of the question above, so you can read it again. The point is why loaded questions are used in the first place. They are directed not to the person being asked the question, but to an uninformed, unthinking audience, who have never been taught or bothered to learn about logical fallacies, and who will respond by thinking “so was that a “YES” or a “NO” on the [insert stupid question here] question?”

        • Captain Omni

          Don Lemon’s question was not “loaded” It was a straightforward interrogative that could have easily been answered yes or no.

    • O. Locke

      there was no racism here. moslems can’t be a race and a religion at the same time.

      the problem, Iftikhar, is that moslims in the west support ISIS, moslims in the middle east support ISIS, and no one is supposed to question you on your support for a terror group? If you support ISIS, you’re supporting murderers! what is out of bounds by asking that question?

      You’re now famous for not being able to give a clear solid answer to a question about your support for a terror group. good work!

      And enjoy the 15 minutes, pal.

    • truthtellerjohn


      Dude, you forgot: You were dealing with CNN, where dumb is raised to high art.

    • WYNN

      Jeff Zucker, fire Don Lemon! Send Don back to Louisiana! Don can work at the weather desk at WBRZ in Baton Rouge! Don Lemon can look for BLACK HOLES and S*CK C*CK there!

    • Justin

      When you support a terrorist group…you usually support the whole package, including the killing, raping, and enslaving. So 17% concerns me. Also, this is just rotten. Don made a mistake with his question and the interviewee is taking advantage.

    • Booya Bible

      I have to take issue with the fact that you bring race into this. I hate to point out the obvious, but Islam is not a race. What are these howls of racism? They make absolutely no sense to me. If I criticize Islam, I criticize it as a set of ideas practiced by a group of people; and distinctions can be made between sects of Islam or specific Muslim groups as to what specific ideas they adhere to, but when you bring race into this you do yourself a disservice. I watched a report about Canadian white boy who joined ISIS and I was as scared of that m-f-er as much as I would be of a “brown Muslim.” Who rationally thinks otherwise? Name these people.

      Even Ben Affleck accused Sam Harris and Bill Maher of being “racist” and I reacted much as they: “What? Race? How does race play into this?” Given two extremists, are you saying people would be more scared of a brown one than a yellow one? Get your head checked if you think this. I take issue with ideas, and especially ideas that are acted upon. In many Muslim majority countries, the population seems all too comfortable with the idea of putting people to death if they’re just not feeling the faith thing anymore. I’m fully confident that you support ex-Muslim rights in this example but how in the world does race figure into this, for example? I’m sorry, charging “racism” any time anyone criticizes Islam does people who actually do suffer at the hands of racism a disservice. It is completely disingenuous, one, and two completely illogical. If anything, it demonstrates the racism of the one who makes the charge. Why do they believe Islamophobia applies to only one race? Throwing around the term racism in this way offends actual racism, offends logic, and ultimate hurts your cause.

    • All snark, no class.

    • Awaken – Next Level

      If this was me, I would have let go a message to Lemon that would have made the world stop in its tracks. That boy needs to grown up! Sad thing is that I bet he does not have a clue why you felt the way you do, at all.

    • jack_gott

      wait….what did Fox News do? Why bring them up?

    • mmmdot

      Don Lemon didn’t engage in racism, he engaged in horizontal aggression. The term horizontal aggression/ horizontal oppression means: “The results of people of targeted racial groups (Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native) believing, acting on or enforcing the dominant white system of racist discrimination and oppression. Horizontal aggression can occur between members of the same racial group or between members of different, targeted racial groups.” Example? The fact that East Asians regularly engage in anti-blackness and colorism. I’m fully aware of it, I don’t like it, and I can’t stand nor trust a lot of them for that reason.

      That still doesn’t mean that I am EVER going to be stupid enough to think that they pose the immediate, *legally sanctioned* threat to my life that white people in America do. White people, particularly white Americans, are the ones who pose an immediate, every day, STATE-SANCTIONED threat to my life, my family’s lives, and the lives of all people of African descent everywhere, particularly in America. That is the REAL crisis. The same goes for Arab/Middle Eastern Muslims here and abroad: whites of European descent – particularly the whites in America – pose the biggest, most immediate, looming *legally sanctioned* systemic threat to all of THEIR lives too. THAT’s racism. All that being said, Don Lemon deserves to have his azz kicked on the DAILY for being nothing but black face on an oppressive neo-conservative white agenda.

    • B Shenanigans

      When life gives you Lemon, make Lemonade 🙂

    • Captain Omni

      And a final clarifying comment to Arsalan Iftikhar. Islam is a religion, not a race, so quit using the pathetic “racist card” when whining on the internet.

    • Anthro Pop

      How in the HELL is Don Lemon still employed?

    • LemonDrop is such a buffoon. He needs to go to Fox and sit right next to Ms. Dash.

    • NJ aka Angry Panda #2

      It’s a perfectly logical question, IMO. An American can be supportive of its police department (even a Black American) and be vehemently opposed to police killing an unarmed Black man every 28 hours. Hitler and Nazi Germany had a great many supporters who enjoyed the benefits of oppressing Jews, no matter how cruel or unfair, yet parted ways with the regime when they discovered the gas chambers. So yes, he and other people of his faith can support or respect the views of extremists while rejecting the taking of human lives. Terrorists by any other name is still a terrorist.

      • …exactly, Iftikhar first explains how 16% of French could support ISIS and not support the killing of innocent people and murder in the streets, since he condemns the murders, his own view says he could still support ISIS …it was a valid question to ask him.

    • Not Don Lemon’s fault, he’s in over his head and just there for the paycheck …so who hires people like this?

    • “If people want to blame Islam for things they can blame us for inventing algebra or modern medical anesthesia …or having 5 out of the last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners”

      …so does that include Obama?

    • Yipicya

      I’m not saying his head is a black hole…. but what if it was a black hole that replaced his head?

    • Jim Prindle

      This is all pointless,… Islam is not a religion, it is a political and social cult created to control an aggressive group of people who will never learn any better. All that Islam wants to do is destroy anything that is not exactly like Islam !!!! Well, the good news is that Islam has been called out over it’s support for international terrorism and the fact that no Muslim will publicly disavow terrorism because they need it to conquer the FREE WORLD. Don’t look now, but we’re coming for YOU….all this will be gone in a few years when Islam is OUTLAWED. Think I’m kidding…….just keep laughing at yourself !!!!!

    • Madison Rebel

      You’re a fucking coward that still hasn’t answered the question, even in this entire fucking article. All you’ve done is condemn the attack. You haven’t given a simple “no” to the question. You’ve just turned it into an opportunity to go on and on like a goddamned drama queen.

      And the very fact that you’ve gone to all this effort to avoid such a simple answer, quite frankly, gives logical people pause.

      Oh, and Islam is a religion, not a race, you fucking dumbass.