Between War and Controversy: The Untold Story of Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010

The incredible story behind the first Arab and first Muslim woman to win Miss USA in 2010.



Baby Rima.tif



Interviewed by: Amina Chaudary

Sound Design by: Matt Kushan and Douglas Stevens

Produced by: Amina Chaudary and Patricia Crotty

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    • Az

      Who cares just another whore, does this really belong on islamic monthly?

      • Faiza

        Learn the meaning of “whore” you sexist, misogynistic, and bigoted person.

        • Az

          Because participating in Stripping and Bikini contests is so liberating from sexism and misogyny. Now you go learn the meaning of those words.

          • Salahuddine

            If she’s a whore, does that make you a faggot since you like to deride women? Let’s be wise before we go name calling everyone, which is the furthest from Muhammad’s(saw) teachings fyi.

            • Jekyll

              Don’t get your panties in a bunch. There is a line, which of course barley exists now. She is not called a non-Muslim or a kaffir but is aptly referred to as someone who took their clothes off in front of the world.

              I find it quite shocking how dumb Muslims have gotten in this country. Muslims get no attention whatsoever in any other media or forums but a Arab Muslim girl happened to win the American Pagent…sorry not buy the coincidence…guess someone wanted to see a Muslim girl half naked in front of the world.

          • Faiza

            astagfurillah. stop slandering a woman based on what she is wearing. to call anyone horrible names is WRONG. your language is worse than her clothing. and yes, choice is liberating.

            • Az

              I used the word whore very deliberately. Whoring her body is her profession. She sells sex(uality) for money and fame. Participating in stripping contests in exchange for 15 minutes of fame sums up the type of person you want to champion. I guess that makes sense in a society where we turn sex tape sluts into A list celebrities. A Hoe is a Hoe is a Hoe is a Hoe. And its men who “turn out” impressionable females who think this is the only way they can get ahead. And its silly females like yourself that are complicit in helping these men further the real cycle of patriarchy and abuse.

              PS the audio piece here is weak sauce. Blaming a failing business on 911 is pathetic, we have over a million Muslims that live in NY and we survived 911 just fine. The entire sob story in Lebanon and America was not moving at all, cry me a river. She has not done anything for the community except help expose Muslims like yourself who would sell out their religion for a little bit of fame, popularity and acceptance.

            • Faiza

              Did she make any sex tapes? Is she a pron star? She did one bikini contest and you call her a whore? I did not say that she did something for our community, but I also am not going so far as to label her a whore which will always be a sexist and misogynistic word because it only refers to the female, never mind the actions of the male.And im guessing you ignored the question, talent, service, and charity part of the competition. There’s a difference between a sex tape and a beauty pageant. She did not sell her sexuality for anything. Yes, I do not agree with having your body judged in front of all, I think it is wrong and enforces objectification. But in participating in one bikini contest, I don’t get how she is a “whore,” which again, is a derogatory term that only refers to females but not males.

              PS: stop trying to condescend me and patronize me. it’s making me laugh and not at all helping your “argument.”

            • Az
            • Faiza

              stripper is different than a sex tape. are you going to google that too?
              noun: whore; plural noun: whores
              a prostitute.

              so unless someone is getting paid to have sex with someone else, he/she is not a “whore” we as a society have completely changed the meaning.

            • Az

              never said she made a sex tape (but if she would it would not surprise me). I already explained why I used the word whore. “I used the word whore very deliberately. Whoring her body is her profession. She sells sex(uality) for money and fame. Participating in stripping contests in exchange for 15 minutes of fame sums up the type of person you want to champion. I guess that makes sense in a society where we turn sex tape sluts into A list celebrities. ”

              You want to celebrate choice when that choice is to be disobedient to Allah (S).The world is twisted, we find beauty in the hideous.

            • Jekyll
            • Jekyll

              Let me say it, in case anybody missed it : Rima Fakih is a whore.

            • O. Locke

              People like you are the reason I have hope Islam can be reformed.

              I make many negative comments toward muslims who fight reform. those comments don’t apply to you.

              Rarely is my hope and faith restored in the idea that there are Muslims out there that get it.

              THIS is what people are referring to.

              Keep it up!

        • Jekyll

          LOL, wow so you outed his “whore” by sexist, misogynistic, and bigoted person…all three words, with thanks to people like you, have lost their meaning.

      • tammy

        Do you know what islam is or stand for? Do you represent Islam in any way? Calling someone name and talking about someone is a right thing to do in islam? Is it ok to spread hatred on one another? Because that’s what your portraying

        • Jekyll

          Did he/she say Rima is/was not a Muslim ?

      • Jekyll

        Oh it belongs along with a lesbian “de-querring” her apartment in lieu of her parents arriving.

      • O. Locke

        yes. it does belong here.

        you don’t own the narrative of what is and is not muslim. a porn start can be a muslim, a homosexual can be a muslim. a woman can lead salat, a woman can be an imam.

        shift your thinking and stop being a bigot.

        • Jekyll

          An atheist Muslim ? Does a pornstar Muslim do wudu before praying salaat ?

          • O. Locke

            actually, yes. athiest muslims. muslims that don’t make wudu before salat. muslims that eat pork, muslim that recognize the prophet was a pedophile for raping a 9 year old girl. muslims that believe what they want and go to the mosque and live in peace with the knowledge this is a man made faith and the man who made it was flawed.

            what’s wrong with that?

            • Jekyll

              You went full hardcore retarded. Please don’t go full hard coreretarded.

            • O. Locke

              how so?

        • Az

          yes and Muslims couldn’t be more lost

          • O. Locke

            ummm, no.

            but thanks for your input, pal.

      • Karen Sullivan

        do you?!

    • Abdulrahman Ahmed

      What she did is not Islamically appropriate. In todays life and where she lives it is upto her to obey Allah or not. Is she a role model for those who have fear of Allah and want get closer to him? Absolutely not. Should we insult her, nope. May Allah guide her.

      • O. Locke

        she can be muslim and do whatever she wants. she doesn’t need you making judgments against her.

        you don’t own islam. there will be reform whether you like it or not.

        • Jekyll

          Well your daughters got a role model, right ?

          • O. Locke

            one that won’e subjugate her and allow her the freedom to choose her life, educate herself, make her own decisions.

            I hope.

            • Jekyll

              How’s a porn star ?

    • Arab

      As a Muslim I know that no one has the right to call her whore or something like that, but such people reflect a false image of us Muslims, I think people should be given the right to stay Muslims or leave Islam better than acting in such manners.
      Being American you’re are expected to act on a specific manner, likewise Muslims should act on a specific manner too, or they should leave Islam.

      Now discussing the beauty contests I think it’s a new way for humiliating females, and using them as sex objects, as they have always been used in the west… Only a Muslim addmits that without his mother satisfaction he could never enter heaven

    • farheen memon

      Allah give hidayat to her’s every Muslim’s responsibility to give sadqah and zakat properly so our women be not sold to other people’s hands.

    • Zeshan Mahmood

      Jesus Christ (alahi Salam) why do i even read the comments

    • Erin Ozturk

      Brothers and sisters, I don’t agree with the girl behaving like this at all but I just want to say that our responsibility first is ourselves: guarding ourselves and that means every aspect including our speech. Some of you are using severe words that you felt you needed or wanted to come out and share with everyone here. Of course we all use our judgement to determine a person’s character but to carry on with this kind of dirty conversation reveals something of yourself. I don’t see anything wrong with calling out someone in certain situations such as this, but if you feel that you have a moral obligation to do so, you may want to consider carefully the language that you use and what you are trying to accomplish. I completely agree that it is a trade when you are using the exposure of your body for worldly gain, and I think it is wise to educate our peers of that reality. Trying to glamorize such poor behavior, I think, is just as a wrong, if not worse, as the one being too harsh… in my opinion. May Allah guide us all. MashAllah

    • Samir Kabir

      I do not think this young woman is a good example of a Muslimah. She is barely wearing any clothes and falling into the trap of Zina hair and makeup. There are certain rules of behavior and clothing a Muslim woman is required to follow. Read all about it in the Quran.

    • WhoSain

      u speak the language ENGLISH of FAGS

    • WhoSain

      u are all homos!!! don’t judge if u don’t like punnnani

    • WhoSain

      seriously if the bitch wants to be in the most hated religion in the most propagated continent then why not just label the woman as a whore shit that s what sells even in islam … sorry I am reading your news but man judging someone is being a sinner so why not judge your own type and say why cant I be that be autiful let her sinn then transgress to GOD’S SUBMISSION Allah HU Allim
      peaz out